The AllWave® FLEX Fanouts enable superior optical performance and high density connectivity in any FTTX network deployment. AllWave® Flex Fanouts feature (ZWP) Zero Water Peak Fiber which offers as much as five times lower binding loss than Convention Single-Mode Fiber (CSFM) jumpers on the market today. This product number is a fanout with 8 fibers, male, PC polish, LC connector, angled ferrule, cordage cable, and 3 meters in length. OFS
Unit of Measure



N/A OFS AllWave®


N/A 3 m


  • FTTX, Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC), and all other optical access networks
  • MPO splitter modules in Outside Plant Cabinets
  • General broadband CATV networks
  • Complies with ITU G.652D specifications



  • Ideal for integration into smaller field cabinet designs and other space limited routing architectures.
  • Available in both 8 and 12 fiber MPO connectors on bare ribbon, tight-buffered ribbon and cordage and include standard connectors on the opposite end.
  • Key components of the Access Advantage System

Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Ordering Scheme: MPO [1 ][2][3]/[4][5] - OAWF/[6]-[7]M
  • [1]: # of Fibers (8 OR 12)
  • [2]: Guide Pin: T= With Guide Pin (male), U = Without Guide Pins (female)
  • [3]: Polishing Type for Connector: PC=PC polish (flat ferrule), APC=Angled PC Polish (angled ferrule)
  • [4]: Single Fiber Connector Type: SC=SC Connector, LC = LC Connector
  • [5]: Polishing Method for Single Fiber Connector: UPC=PC Polish (flat ferrule), APC=Angled PC polish (angled ferrule)
  • [6]: Cable Type: T=Bare Ribbon, PVC=Tight buffered PVC, TCF-Cordage (ruggedized ribbon)
  • [7]: Cable Length In Meters