Tool, Compression/Stripping, Rostra Tool Company
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N/A Each


N/A Rostra Tool Company


N/A 8.5 in


N/A 0.90 lb

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N/A 1



  • A universal tool to prep RG6/59 to industry standards and terminate environmentally sealed compression connectors produced by T&B, Gilbert, PPC, Antec/Digicon, PCT, and others.
  • Positioned for balance and ease of rotation, a spring loaded finger loop handle opens the strip chamber and applies pressure on the cable.
  • The long life cutting baldes are positioned to eliminate cutting of the braid or nicking the center conductor, Blades are easily removed to allow replacement after extended use.
  • A toggle action to assure complete connector sealing, thus eliminating the need for a complicated ratchet mechanism.
  • High mechanical advantage
  • Ergonomic design minimizes user fatigue and promotes high levels of productivity.
  • Handle design allows easy access when terminating in a M.D.U. enclosure or dealing with a short stub-in.