• 3M™ Better Buried Closures are rigid body spice closures designed for direct burial. When filled with 3M™ 8882 Reenterable Encapsulating Compound, the closure can be reentered for splice rework.
  • The Better Buried and 89 Series Closures use a gravity fill method of encapsulating and protecting the cable splice. Both kits are simple to install and are offered with a full product offering to cover the complete cable ranges found in the outside plant. In addition, both kits can be ordered with 4442 High Gel reenterable encapsulant. The 89 Series can also be purchased with 4407 Encapsulant for making a permanent, hard encapsulated closure with maximum water protection.
Unit of Measure



N/A 3M™

Standard Packaging Quantity

N/A 1.0 Kit

Gross Weight

N/A 4,0000 lb


N/A 24 in


N/A 3 ft


N/A Compression